Medical research of sex dolls

Medical research of sex dolls

Clinicians' views are also divided. According to the first case study, some therapists explained the value of living with a silicone sex doll (as doll owners usually call it) after trauma, especially when accompanied by professional therapeutic care. The transition process of rehabilitation.

Other clinical authors warned their peers that the health claims on the market for products in the sex robot industry are rather inaccurate. The debate about children's dolls made in Asia and sold worldwide has intensified.

Some ethicists and clinicians believe that pedophiles can use such love dolls or robots as surrogates to protect them from child sexual abuse, and therapeutic use has a bright future.

However, it is important to know that the effect always depends on the user and the various settings used (e.g. family, advertising and therapy) and the design of the sex doll or sex robot chosen (e.g. gender, age), race, body size and sexual function and non-sexual function). Therefore, as the title suggests, this review focuses on the design, use, and effects of sex dolls and sex robots.

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The definition of sex dolls is similar to that of the human body, using different materials (such as rubber, plush, silicone, thermoplastic elastomer) to create anatomically correct anthropomorphic sex dolls. The price range is designed for sexual purposes. The sex doll has at least one penetrable opening (mouth, vagina, or anus) and/or body part (tongue or penis) that the user can insert.

Sexual introducer or introducer parts are usually designed to be removable for cleaning. What is special about WM Dolls is their sexual function, but that does not mean that they are only used for sexual purposes. They can also function as artificial love partners, social partners, or fashion models, which is why their owners often refer to them as love dolls, or simply dolls. Most scientists and some media also use this term.

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