Memorable foreplay techniques that involve love dolls

Memorable foreplay techniques that involve love dolls

An erotic interplay of body and mind! Love dolls are a great place to start, but the secret to great pre-games goes way beyond that.

That reminds me of a memorable foreplay. It's a mental shift between you and the person you desire. Teasing, touching, and toys are all applications of our deepest sexual desires. But like most great things, good foreplay takes time, planning, and patience. Foreplay is fundamental because it's the anticipation of passion that makes good sex. More than just realistic sex dolls, real sex dolls and inflatable figures.

So here are our tips for transcendental foreplay without our having to worry about it any further.


It's 2022 folks - respect is sexy. That's why consistency is essential to sexual excellence. Take care of your partner and let him show what he likes. Ask questions like, "Does it feel good?" Questions like. Or "Where would you like to be touched?". . And make sure you check with your partner if they agree. Nonverbal cues like eye contact, facial expressions, and body language make up 80% of human communication.


Where do you want to explore? How will the foreplay go? What frustrates you? Having a clear idea of how you want to welcome or please your partner is an excellent step in getting on the right path.

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A dialogue about your desires is a very sexy conversation with your partner. What do you really want? What Makes You Sexually Attractive? Connecting with your partner to break down your sexual inhibitions is just the start of good foreplay!

the self care

Feeling sexy is the essence of sexual pleasure. Sure, it's normal that we have a few issues with our bodies or our performance, but it's about knowing what turns us on and what doesn't, and making sure we have everything we need to go to feel good! Read our useful article, Treat Your Penis Well, for tips and tricks for men's sexual health.

to take time

Set priorities for your partner. Take a free afternoon with your sexy girl and watch the world go by. Let your kisses linger on her body for half an hour at a time. Create tension! Give them the impromptu blowjob of their dreams! They won't forget it, and more importantly, they'll be happy to come back next time. After all, sharing is an affair of the heart.

imagine it

Don't be afraid of your sexy brain; we all have it in one form or another. Be brave and be yourself! Role playing is a great exercise in sexual creativity. Maybe it's a specific erotic story you want to re-enact. There's no shame in being vanilla, but you really should fly your monster flag for some exciting foreplay!

sex toys and essentials

Discomfort is kind of beside the point (unless you're into S&M), lubricate your vagina in realdoll with some sweet lube. Do you like sucking nipples? The world of sexual pleasure is a huge market and there are many products out there to help anyone achieve their fantasies of exciting sex.


Learning and sharing new ideas is a sure-fire way to ignite passion. New toys, new cities, new gear, new you! Have you ever shouted "Oui, Oui!" from a Parisian balcony overlooking the Louvre? Have you always wanted to enjoy sex in a trendy fetish hotel? How about tying knots together in a Japanese rope bondage class? These kinds of experiences are the definition of unforgettable. In fact, the sexual experience industry is growing by leaps and bounds, so there are more interesting options than ever before!


What experiences await if you are brave enough to explore your desires? Sex educators, sexologists and others have tons of advice to share with you in the form of mini podcasts or audio downloads. Of course, sex-positive online communities are a great place to explore your sexuality and build your confidence before committing to real life. Just google it!

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