Men hold the silicone doll on the street to practice kissing

Men hold the silicone doll on the street to practice kissing

"Hurry up, you must not stay here..." said the big security brother on the Beijing Road pedestrian street. Yesterday, at the intersection of Xihu Road and Beijing Road, a man in a red suit held a silicone doll in a red suit in a "kiss." Hundreds of people came to watch, and two minutes later, driven by the security guard, "Kissing Man" left. The reporter saw that "Kissing Man" and "Love" watched each other walking, and sometimes picked up the mini sex doll hair. He also had a sign on the back that read "Don't be jealous brother just practices kissing". The reporter followed him and found that "Kissing Men" entered the 1 subway line from Parkfront station. On the way west, the train kept coming to Fangcun Station due to the overloaded carriages, and "Kissing Men" began a "hot kiss". Standing, leaning on a pillar and in the famous "Kiss of Victory" style. Various kissing "poses" are interspersed between the cramped compartment and the passengers. Passengers in the compartment take up the camera and mobile phone to take photos of the situation Come down.

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"Kissing Man" then told reporters that his last name is Liu and he will go to a kissing contest on December 26. His girlfriend has not yet agreed to participate. He just wants to be famous through performance art and let his girlfriend know how good he is to her For the "kissing man" behavior, many viewers consider it unreasonable, and some whispered that he was neurotic. "The artist's 'kissing' behavior with an advanced sex doll is unimaginable," said an aunt with a child on the subway.

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