My experience: vacation with sex dolls

My experience: vacation with sex dolls

When the holidays come around, many people choose to travel and relax. And I spend it at home with sex dolls. It was an interesting experience that I wanted to share with you all.

Choose at home

Originally I intended to travel alone to relax. But there are many people in the holidays and the price is high. I think I can have a good rest at home. Also, I bought a new sex doll. So I can spend more time with her.

holiday atmosphere

I pre-furnished the room to create a resort vibe. Pictures of the beach hang in front of the window and garlands hang on the walls. I'm ready for fried chicken, beer and a movie to enjoy my free time with a fantasy sex doll.

Do sex with sex dolls

I hug her when we watch a movie; I feed them food when we eat; we hug her before bed. Like a real couple. This gave me a feeling of relaxation and contentment that I had never experienced before.

experience while traveling

I also “travel” with a life size sex doll. Drive to the cottage near the lake and go fishing and boating on the lake with her. These situations in nature add to the atmosphere.

This was my first vacation with a sex doll and it was very rewarding. It satisfies my need for a break behind closed doors and gives me a holiday feeling at the same time. Of course, real socializing is also important. I would balance the two appropriately.

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