My first sexual experiences

My first sexual experiences

Sex has always been the biggest part of my life, since puberty I was totally into sex and finally the day came when I got to have the best experience of my life….

Life size sex doll looks the sexiest of all creatures on this planet. Your legs are very attractive. She has soft sexy boobs ready to be sucked. I sucked her very passionately, perfect soft boobs totally in my mouth. Then I bit her nipples.

153cm Wheat Skin Fat Tpe Dutch Wife

I slowly put my hand on her thighs, they were so soft and her tanned skin turned me on. I slowly started touching her over her vagina.

I started licking her, slowly moving my tongue over her vagina. I stretched my mouth to its greatest limits and covered her entire pussy and started sucking her so hard.

i will fuck There was no spontaneity, no anticipation. I immediately removed my cock and inserted it into her vagina, there was little discomfort apart from the expected tightness.

I sucked all over her mouth. With my cock still inside her, I put my four fingers in her mouth while sucking on her breasts.

After that first experience I really liked - no surprise here - having orgasms.

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