Myths about the new sex doll

Myths about the new sex doll

The new sex doll feels tight and stiff with every grip because the material is not yet finished.
Who wouldn't like to have a new sex doll? Imagine having to buy a used sex doll just because you can't afford a new one. It can't get any worse. Having a new sex doll is a good thing because it means that you are the official first owner of the doll and that you can start from the same place. Sex dolls that are not new may have a few flaws; no wonder they're a lot cheaper for you, but they don't have the feel and taste of anything new.

That's just a myth. A new sex doll is opened straight out of the box in its original form, while a used sex doll has been opened and most likely used. The result is a completely different feeling. In fact, avid sex doll users have made it clear that used sex dolls are not at all like new sex dolls. A used sex doll can feel a little loose at the opening, although it's unlikely everyone will notice.

The price of a sex doll depends more on the seller and manufacturer than the condition of the sex doll. Usually, the more parties in the middle, the higher the price. Buying directly from the manufacturer can significantly reduce the price burden that many people believe. Another thing that can seriously affect the price of a new sex doll is the amount of customization you desire. The more custom features you have, the more expensive it will be.

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But the opposite is also the case. It's not every day that you find a lifelike sex doll on the internet and want it exactly as it is. In some cases yes, but in most cases people want their sex dolls to have certain characteristics. For example, they may not like the color of their skin, eyes or hair. Or they want a different size or body type. What if you want your sex doll to have a different chest or hip measurement than the doll on display? Personalization is essential.

It is always assumed that you have to try a new sex doll before it is flexible and easy to rotate into different positions. Well, that couldn't be more wrong. The metal and steel rods inside the sex doll that make up the joints and bone mesh are very flexible. Once you receive your new sex doll, it can be stretched in a variety of ways, even in its new condition. You don't have to use it for long before it becomes flexible.

Some people think that you can only buy new sex dolls from a warehouse.
This is a myth because there are many other ways to buy sex dolls. It is possible to buy new sex dolls from many online suppliers who stock as much as stock. An example of this is Amazon and Global Express, third party brokers where you can choose brand new sex dolls. While these vendors still use sex dolls, they are also known to deal in new sex dolls.

It is a mistake to assume that all new sex dolls are for men only.
It's a myth that grew out of the fact that the first sex dolls were female sex dolls. It is important to note that some time later, the sex doll industry expanded and began to include a variety of silicone sex dolls in their warehouses, including male sex dolls. So if you are looking for new sex dolls and are interested in male sex dolls, please don't make the mistake of thinking that there are no male sex dolls among the new sex dolls.

It's also a myth that the new sex dolls don't cater to homosexuals.
Well, that's again because the sex doll industry started with female sex dolls. Today everyone is considered to be on this sublime journey of sexual fulfillment. Whether male, female, transsexual or homosexual, nobody has to fear being excluded. Besides the female sex dolls, there are also male sex dolls and siren sex dolls. You can safely buy sex dolls with characteristics that are sexually consistent with you.

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