Not so with sex robots!

Not so with sex robots!

Love doll robots, VR porn and digital sex toys cannot replace one thing. Mal Harrison explained what that is on Thursday at the “Tech Open Air” (TOA) tech conference in Berlin.

"Look around the room," said Mar Harrison, founder of the New York Center for Porn Intelligence. "There must be someone in your eyes that you think is hot!" shouted the thousands of tech elite spectators who had traveled to Berlin for the conference. They look around and look into each other's eyes. Of course, you have met someone before - because they are a specific person, look interesting, smell good and move. She went on to say that this interaction is what makes porn so appealing.

This is usually human.

How many machines can sex take? This is the subject of research on "Rehmannia glutinosa" by BR, Arte and the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering (Fraunhofer IAO). A third of Germans and a quarter of French would like to sleep with a sex robot.

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Between autumn 2017 and February 2018, more than 22,000 participants from Germany and France were asked online about their openness to new mini sex doll technologies.

The Germans surveyed also have no health problems with the new technology: 70 percent accept organs from the 3D printer. More than half of the respondents participate in permanent body scans. High blood pressure, pulse and hormone balance are continuously measured and information about the current state of health is given directly. Nanorobots -- tiny robots inserted into human veins to repair cells -- are also being embraced.

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On the other hand, respondents were more cautious when it came to DNA hacking and brain chips. Only one in three can imagine using the opportunity to change their genetic material on the computer or to improve concentration, creativity or intelligence through brain "upgrades". Female respondents were generally more cautious in their responses, with the approval of organs from 3D printers gradually decreasing with age: significantly fewer people in the over-60s age group agreed to use the technology.

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