Our store has good quality cheap silicone sex dolls

Our store has good quality cheap silicone sex dolls

One of those who see their work as an art form stands on the stand of an adult store. Cheap-doll.com is a new French sex doll manufacturer with an office in Japan. He showed us all around him, talked about his favorite sexy doll, his views on the market, the ongoing struggle between TPE and silicone, robotics plans and why faces make a difference.

Silicones are growing in popularity, but inexpensive TPE remains the first choice for many manufacturers. After all, prices between 800 and 3,000 euros are already a significant expense for consumers. But for really interesting dolls, it's really just an entry-level price. Even the cheapest TPE variants in this price category caused great attention to detail and manual work, and increased production time accordingly. However, prices have fallen and demand has increased.

153cm Wheat Skin Fat Tpe Dutch Wife

The small sex doll official not only provides real love doll rental and sales, but also provides customized production as customers request. This allows people around the world to copy portraits of deceased partners into TPE sex dolls, which can be a huge market for widows and husbands. Stanley knew the possibilities were nearly limitless. After all, despite potential legal issues, it's possible to copy celebrities, people in your neighborhood, or people you unfortunately fall in love with.

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