Owning a sex doll makes you feel weird?

Owning a sex doll makes you feel weird?

If you have a sex doll, you need to kiss and touch. Both silicone and TPE sex dolls feel very smooth and soft. From smooth lips to squeezable soft boobs, it only gets better. Most of them also have tongues, teeth and deep throats.

Open her mouth and kiss her passionately. Don't stop there, stretch out your arms to touch her perky breasts and fat ass. The whole body feels great, you will love to touch it.

Since not everyone appreciates the use or even existence of life size sex doll, owning a sex doll can sometimes be a real challenge. If you live with people who are skeptical about the whole idea, the situation can be even worse.

This is easy to understand, as are the people we live with; Mothers, wives or other members can investigate, especially if they suspect such things. To prevent them from judging it harshly, you can avoid all this by hiding your plump love dolls.

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When you're out, you may need to hide your doll from the public eye, although some customers even offer shopping tips. But we understand that if you try to keep them away from visitors entering your house and apartment, you never know they can spy on you.

If you want to hide your love dolls, you need to find the most comfortable one. By this we are referring to products that are highly portable and reliable enough for storage. However, this setting also depends on who you want to hide the doll from. If your neighbor is, even a large, full-size sex doll may be suitable. What you need to do is lock it in a safe place in the bedroom. Usually, when you are alone, no one enters your bedroom. However, you can hide it as a precaution to prevent unexpected guest outbreaks.

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