Pay attention to detail when delivering your new doll

Pay attention to detail when delivering your new doll

When your silicone doll is delivered, you need to go home to sign the package. Your neighbor can see you receive such a big package and ask you what is it? Unless you want to tell everyone that you just bought an expensive sex doll, you can cook up a lie. You can call your shipping company, and ask them to take care of your package, so that at any time during delivery to you. This way you may not need a day off.

However, your packaging may not fit your car. Be sure to measure your case or where you intend to put the box location - but also have your supplier silver hair doll accurately measure the size of the box. A heavy doll is difficult to carry, and you don't want to give it up.

165cm Sexy Wheat Color Tpe Lover Doll

If you already use silicone material sex dolls, doll and you want to try TPE, it is better to make sure that you separate them from each other. The period during which the TPE material must not be in contact with the silicone material. If these materials come together, a chemical reaction that destroys the silicone can occur. If you have ever bought some kind of accessory for a TPE realistic sex doll, please consider this question - made without any silicone material.

If you have a small skin tear on your TPE doll, you can order TPE glue from any silver hair doll supplier. Be very careful when using it because it looks like the acid of the TPE material. If used incorrectly, it can possibly cause more confusion than before. Before trying to use it yourself, check out the instruction video on how to use glue.

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