Pay attention to the doll details that we have repeatedly pointed out

Pay attention to the doll details that we have repeatedly pointed out

I myself receive a lot of questions every day from people, those who are interested in sex dolls and want to buy adult life size sex doll. I don't work for any supplier, but I share my doll video on several video sites on the internet. People have problems with me. I have to write the same thing again and again because the questions are very similar. It takes a lot of time, that's why I first created this blog - so that I can gather all the information in one place and will link to it whenever I ask a question.

Will contact more people every day. They may not have time to go through everything with you. Therefore, it is more or less up to you to collect this information for yourself before buying. If you haven't done any research on this topic to find out all your options, then you may be missing out on things like different head selection and nipple coloring. All of these things are of course very important, because you will be looking at your doll every day for the next few years.

157cm American female student real vagina touch life size silicone sex doll

If you want to buy a specific - but bigger - doll, then your best bet isn't to create a new mold. Instead, look around for other latex dolls. Many different dolls are being made, they will satisfy almost any personal taste. You can even buy pregnant sex dolls if that's what you want. If you like a doll's body, but want a bigger ass - there can be just one doll, just like you haven't found one yet.

Most of the suppliers will try their best to update their website to the latest version of the doll, but some may not be able to keep up because the new doll has been released. This means that your supplier may not have provided all of the latex dolls available on their website. If you can't find your dream doll, you can ask them directly if they have more models. They may send you photos or redirect you to the manufacturer's website.

One of the many things people ask me is if they can buy a doll - but a smaller/bigger chest. As I said before, the doll comes out of the mold. In order to make a baby's chest bigger or smaller, you have to create a whole new mold from scratch. It is possible, but you need to pay for this new mold by yourself because it is your special request. It will make your doll much more expensive.

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