Perfect Silicone Doll Appearance in Different Style

Perfect Silicone Doll Appearance in Different Style

Sex dolls have very different styles and they even have a perfect fictional identity and history. It can be a refugee girl from Brazil, a British journalist, a singer in Italy, a rebellious rock girl, a pretty girl next door or a hungry strong woman. In short, if you choose silicone dolls, some brands invent false stories for sex dolls, that is, your future girlfriends, so that you can invest in the "serious love" character.

158cm Small Chest Short Hair Wheat Skin-Monroe

What is the specific process of making these small sex doll (girlfriends-to-be)? An American manufacturer of artificial skeleton dolls shared the production process of "Fear of Fear". It is appreciated that everyone can understand more. In fact, the birth of these sexy girls who accompany countless men and women is not pretty. You have to think of her as a hanging Terminator from Jinhua Ham and Skull Face.

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