Personalized lifelike sex doll

Personalized lifelike sex doll

Welcome to the world of lifelike sex doll where you can choose and customize your most secret fantasy lover.

Have you chosen the most exquisite of all erotic toys - the lifelike sex doll? You then have the wonderful task of selecting a specific realistic sex doll and customizing it to your liking. Do you want a brunette with blue eyes and small breasts? Or do you want to enjoy your sexual adventures with a cute blonde with cat eyes?

With silicone or TPE dolls, there are many customizations or changes. Each manufacturer offers different options and combinations. We have compiled the most common and widely used ways to create the sex doll of your dreams. Which elements are important to you in a particular form depends entirely on your personal preferences and taste.

Arane-162cm E Cup Blonde Girl WM Sex Doll

gender and materials

The first step is deciding whether you prefer a sexy male sex doll or a female sex doll. There are also living human dolls.
The next important step is deciding which material you prefer. There are two options: silicone or TPE.


There are dolls of different sizes and weights on the market. Depending on your choice, they can be classified as small, medium or large.

Body types – tight curvy sex dolls, oversized boobs, oversized butts, pregnant real doll etc. You have a choice of a non standing girl and a standing girl whose feet are made to stand with three screws on her feet. You can also choose between fixed and adjustable arms (shoulder joints). An important factor is the color of the skin (white, light, natural, brown, brown, black). The size or shape of the breasts.

The vagina

Solid - The most realistic appearance, the vaginal cavity is textured for a perfect sexual experience and is firmly attached to the doll's body. For regular cleaning, it is necessary to handle the entire doll.

Detachable - Provides the same realistic sexual experience as a solid vagina, simply detach and hand wash in the sink. In case of damage, it can be easily replaced. They can have multiple inserts with different properties and are much easier to clean. The downside is that inserting the vagina into the love dolls is more complicated (it needs to be powdered or oiled before insertion and the appropriate technique used). Pubic hair (from completely shaved to completely natural or with a specific shape), color of vagina, shape of labia, detachable penis.

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