Real love doll not used yet

Real love doll not used yet

When using love doll, lubricant should be used to fully lubricate the real doll's vagina. Without lubricant, the inside of the sex doll will not be properly lubricated and the life size doll's vagina may rupture. With adequate lubrication, it is safe to wear a condom.

Hugging a beautiful sex doll is the ultimate in immersion, this life size doll can add almost human texture. Plus, posing in your favorite attire seems to bring out more realism. According to the combination, you can try different situations and poses, the girl love doll is very girly!

157cm White Black Hair Life Sized Solid Tpe Dolls

After using the love doll, wash the inside of the doll's vagina with water and sterilize the doll. See step 1 for disinfection instructions. After disinfection, wash the plush toy with warm water, dry the inside and outside surface of the plush toy with a towel, or let it air dry for the next use. Many people buy real love dolls but don't know how to clean them properly, causing a lot of confusion. Taking care of the silicone sex doll is not so easy, many people put it aside after use and keep using it next time. Some people don't care about baby hygiene, they just want to protect it. Sex dolls give us the greatest satisfaction. It is natural for us to do something for the doll.

first step. We scrub the body of the TPE material love doll with lukewarm water, blot excess water with a dry towel, and then coat the body with the dispensed talcum powder to ensure it is lubricated. Wash the lower body in the washing machine provided by the manufacturer. Fill your body with warm water. When cleaning the lower body or famous instruments, it is best to add a small amount of disinfectant to warm water. It's safer and healthier.

The second step is to wash your face. The most important thing when washing your face is to avoid eyelashes. Don't remove your eyelashes.

The third step is to wash your hands, do not open your nails, so as not to fall off. But don't worry, there's nail glue too. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you.

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