Realistic doll tries to meet all foot fetishists

Realistic doll tries to meet all foot fetishists

I'm not a foot fetishist myself, so I've never had to take pictures of my doll's feet. However, someone asked me if they could see my doll's feet. So I thought why not make a post about it? I'm sure there are plenty of foot fetishists out there who would love to see how detailed the feet are on sex dolls. If you're a foot fetishist, then you probably shouldn't go for the "standing foot" option, since you get those metal bolts under their feet. If you don't have the standing foot option, don't try to get your doll to stand up. I was stupid enough to try this with a doll when she was new - it was a mistake I instantly regretted. After that I chose the standing foot option for the rest of my dolls.

They had just been oiled. The texture of the skin is quite pleasant. They look quite realistic, if I may say so myself. Her fingernails could look better. They never fell off, and I've had it for almost 2 years now. I guess I could put some glue under them and have them attached a bit more, to make them look nicer. But I never look at his feet anyway. She always wears socks. It looks like one of his fingernails is about to fall off, but until it does, I won't bother fixing it.

One of the first things I did when I got a silicone doll was try to get her to stand up, leaning over my bed. It was a huge mistake, because she fell backwards. He messed up his foot and caused the skin to tear. I tried fixing it with TPE glue a few times and it looks better now than it did then. However, I didn't manage to fully fix it and since it's under its foot where I never noticed it anyway, I just got lazy and left it like that. You can still see the details and texture of the skin, looks good on me.

The big toe has a wire inside of it, which makes it a bit posable. The rest of the toes don't, making them look a bit fuzzy. All of her fingers have wires inside for easy posing - and that's important for the hands, but not the toes. How often do you have to rest your toes in a different position anyway?

153cm Wheat-colored Fat Woman With Big Breasts And Big Ass Tpe Sexy Doll

big toe also has a wire inside of it, to make it moveable. The rest of the toes are flaky. Some small damage under her feet, which is hard to avoid when you have your realistic sex doll on her feet from time to time.

A small tear is starting to come to her heel, the one on the right side of the picture. As you can see, the bolts aren't that pretty to look at. They would probably ruin it for anyone who wants to worship feet.

Some minor skin damage on one foot. Just a thin layer of loose skin, nothing more. I went with colored nails for her. His big toe has no wire inside, to pose. I guess they thought it was unnecessary for such a small doll. The skin texture is not as good on his feet. They are not as realistic as feet in comparison.

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