Realistic sex doll story

Realistic sex doll story

Many questions may arise before buying Life like mini sex doll: "Will I get stuck?" "How much heat does the doll have?" "Can the doll stand?" What is the maximum breast size? "Are you sure the doll looks the same as the picture?"

Don't worry, buying a full sex doll will take your sexual prowess to a new level. I won't be alone this year. The doll is 160 cm tall and has a plump figure with pointy elf ears and blue skin resembling an anime character.

Ena-165cm Busty Lover Sexy Body

I will dress real love dolls in all kinds of fashionable and beautiful clothes and every time I change doll's clothes I will take a picture and share it on social media.

Match the doll like the woman

His wife died early from cancer. He remembered what his wife looked like when he was young. He found photos of several important milestones in his wife's life and customized these dolls.

We were just married then, she was thin and had beautiful eyes; that was when she was pregnant, she was a bit fat and she smiled very sweetly; she was 30 years old, with a few fine lines around the corners of her eyes...

I will bathe sex dolls, put on new clothes and push the doll to the park to bask in the sun. My neighbors and friends know it, and they will greet adult real dolls when they meet at the park. cheap realistic sex doll is like its relatives.

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