Realistic silicone doll triggered consideration

Realistic silicone doll triggered consideration

"I fell in love with a silicone doll," said a Japanese artist. When he could no longer tolerate his wife's temper, he decided to buy a silicone silver hair doll, decided to marry her. His wife is always uncomfortable and disheveled. Busy after work every day, just want to come home, be comforted and relaxed. The fact is so cruel, I haven't had sex for six months. The artist told his friend.

In the real world, such serious problems occur frequently. Sex is an important factor in maintaining the harmonious relationship between husband and wife, sex life without reasonable satisfaction, there will be emotional conflicts. In this real world, tens of thousands of couples are getting divorced every day. The reason for frustration, only because of marital discord between the sexes. At least for most people, it's the most overwritten thing.

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And in my opinion, single people need our silicone sex doll, because they are also normal, the same physiological needs. Likewise, married people, even children who also need silicone silver hair dolls. Because normal humans can get sick whether you are male or female, no matter how strong you are. Everyone must follow the laws of biology, cell metabolism, human death and disease. No one can escape the fate of flight.

So no matter what you do, there is nothing wrong with trying to satisfy you. On the one hand, you can find our silicone dolls, which have the characteristics of real women and relieve your stress when you are. you need. What are you waiting for?

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