Realistic star silicone doll with star face

Realistic star silicone doll with star face

Every boy has fallen into this mysterious woman's sugar-coated trap. The silicone doll has a positive face of Li Bingbing, a side face like Yang Mi, height 168, white, beautiful, young and energetic. She doesn't want to be rich and rich, she doesn't look in the garage, she just wants a place around you. Tame, reasonable and obedient. Such cute women in the name of "silicone dolls" made countless teenagers fall into a capital trap, taking one hundred and eighty dollars in the crotch to give a smile to the beauty.

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Then reality made her see the evil side of society. This is a bloody fact and a joke in the early years. Veterans who have been in the field of inflatable love for many years know that after nine twists and turns, the status of inflatable dolls and the means to seduce the boys are very different. To date, there are countless men willing to pay thousands of dollars for a real love affair with the silicone cheap sex dolls girls. And the changes in the real dolls industry in this short time have already surpassed people's imagination.

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