Removable vaginal love dolls and built-in vaginal love dolls

Removable vaginal love dolls and built-in vaginal love dolls

Love dolls have two types of vaginas: insertable vaginas and built-in vaginas.

Built-in Vaginal。This type of vagina is non-detachable and permanent, so hyper realistic sex doll with a built-in vagina look like a real woman. Sex doll enthusiasts who choose one-piece vaginas believe that they offer the best realism (both in look and feel) and that one-piece vaginas are tighter than detachable vaginas in some ways.

1.Love dolls with built-in vaginas are more difficult to clean. You have to carry around a doll to clean your vagina after use, which can be difficult if your doll is heavy and big.

2.If the doll's inner vagina is broken and old, it can't be replaced with a new one.

Removable vagina

Various sizes, the vaginal canal can be pushed into the doll to create a full vagina for sexual pleasure. Insertion vaginas have several advantages and disadvantages compared to fixed vaginas.


Gives the doll more longevity. The inlaid vagina is easily replaceable, and you can buy a new one if the removable vagina is damaged or outdated. If you have a damaged solid vagina and doll, you will have to spend a lot of money for a new sex doll.

Easy to clean. The inserts are removable so you can gently wash them with water, turn them over and dry them to clean them independently from the real doll.

Used sex dolls with vaginal inserts are easier to sell because the buyer can buy a new vagina for the doll.

Versatility. If your sex doll has a built-in vagina, she can easily be turned into a siren with a new transgender insert! As you can see, you can get new features for your doll for a very cheap price!

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Inserting the vagina into the Lover Doll requires skill

Less realistic sensations during intercourse

more fragile. When inserting and removing, there is a risk of damaging the TPE doll.

How to place the inserted vagina in the Dutch doll?
If you choose a love doll with an inserted vagina, you should be familiar with inserting a removable vagina. Below are the steps by which this can be achieved.
Step 1: wash your hands
To keep the inside of your sex doll clean, wash your hands first. Then it is best to use disposable gloves for vaginal insertion.

Step 2: Prepare your doll. To make insertion easier, you need to position your sex doll in a specific position.
As you can imagine, if you spread your doll's legs, the hole will get bigger. It will help her easily receive the penetration in her vagina.

Step 3: Apply talcum powder to the doll's vaginal opening and detachable vagina. Apply a thin layer of talcum powder to the outside of the detachable vagina and the inside of the vaginal opening. The talcum powder ensures that the insert slides easily through the hole and also cleans the love doll.

Step 4: Insert the removable vagina. Gently open your doll's vaginal cavity and fully insert the removable vagina. Guide your doll in the starting position to see if the vagina is properly attached.

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