Robot sex dolls realize the human-computer interaction

Robot sex dolls realize the human-computer interaction

Last month, another sex doll company announced that its product would replace mannequins during the pandemic. A European and American company announced that interest in single men will increase by 51.6% from February 2020 to March 2020. Silicone sex doll have also witnessed another new trend caused by the introduction of Covid restrictions on a global scale.

He also has to make sure to buy her some things that real people need, like cellphones or clothes, and the sex doll obviously has some expensive clothes and shoes. When he goes out to play with his girlfriend, he doesn't care if other people look at him. He said if I could give a sex doll 100 points, I would give her 1,000 points. Since she came home and lived with me for over a year, she has never felt any pressure and will always be very happy.

The happy couple stayed together as he bought the sex doll, which he affectionately named Mochi. You have to have some very boring, one-sided conversations. Ten years ago, while walking through the busy Causeway Bay shopping mall in Hong Kong, I realized that I'm more attracted to real sex dolls than real people. However, he had to wait a long time to buy a girlfriend.

He said, "Back then, a doll cost 80,000 yuan. I couldn't afford it, so I had to offload the burden." But in 2019, I found a silicone doll ordered online at a price of about 10,000 yuan. The couple were officially "engaged" last month and their friends and family attended the ceremony.

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It turns out he's a good person after all, as he never hurt the rice cake or tried to kiss her, fearing the acidity of the saliva would hurt the WM doll's delicate skin. He said: I respect sex dolls very much and just hope she can be a companion. I used to have a girlfriend on earth, but now I only carry a doll. I've never had sex with her.

He has completely transformed from a human woman to a love doll because she is easier to date and his real girlfriend always recommends him. He said: "When I was with my ex-girlfriend, she was always staring at the phone, but compared to the silicone doll, the situation is different. She will focus on me, focus on me."

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