Rubber dolls and real dolls

Rubber dolls and real dolls

Rubber dolls vs real dolls - great comparison

Until a few years ago there were only a few alternatives to inflatable rubber dolls in the lover sex doll world. In the price range, these usually range from a few euros to smaller three-digit amounts. The quality ranges from extremely cheap plastic to plastic/TPE hybrids, which still have inflatable bodies, but the face and often also intimate areas are equipped with high-quality TPE. This article is about the pros and cons of inflatable rubber dolls and how they compare to modern real dolls.

rubber doll

There are rubber dolls in every imaginable size and design. Very cheap models usually only paint faces and hair. If you dig a little deeper into your wallet, you will find rubber dolls with real wigs and even integrated masturbators. In most cases, however, the wig is not interchangeable but firmly attached to the head. There are often pictures of well-known porn actresses or porn models on the packaging. This often leads to false expectations of content from prospects. At the end of the day, rubber dolls are always inflatable plastic realistic sex doll that look like women but require a lot of imagination from the user.

Advantages of rubber dolls:

- attractive price

- Easy to stow - just deflate

- Lightweight and easy to carry

- Hardly any maintenance required

- Quick and easy disposal in plastic waste

- 18th birthday or bachelorette party fun

Dunston-150cm Hot White Shirt Tpe Doll

Disadvantages of rubber dolls

- Faces look like poorly drawn cartoon characters

- very cheap model, sharp plastic

- Doll cannot be configured

- The inflatable rubber doll cannot move

- feels like plastic

- Typical plastic smell

- Sex doesn't feel real

Advantages of real dolls

- Molded from high quality TPE or silicone

- Face, body and private parts look absolutely realistic

- Touch feels like real skin

- Many choices from chubby and curvy to petite

- emotional

- Fully articulated thanks to the metal skeleton

Disadvantages of real dolls

- more expensive to buy

- more difficult to transport

- need more storage space

- major maintenance work

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