Sex doll apps in open relationships

Sex doll apps in open relationships

Open relationships and polysexual partnerships are becoming a new form of partnership. The use of sex dolls also offers its special value in this form of relationship. This article explores the possible role and application of sex dolls in open and polyamorous relationships.

Satisfaction of greater sexual needs

In an open relationship, each partner's sexual needs and interests can be different and it's difficult to satisfy them through interpersonal sex alone. At this time, the Fat Sex Doll can play a very good auxiliary role, satisfy certain unique sexual hobbies and interests, and enrich everyone's sexual experience. It also avoids the embarrassing situation of asking another partner to engage in certain sexual activities against their will.

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Encourage more open communication

The use of sex dolls can encourage more open communication of sexual needs and fantasies between partners in open relationships. Sharing sex doll experiences will also help to better understand each other's sexual interests and create a more trustworthy relationship base. This open communication also helps to avoid possible jealousy or alienation.

Shared sexual pleasure

Sex dolls can also be objects and sex toys shared by partners in an open relationship. Explore the position, use and interaction of sex dolls together, which is also a new form of cooperation and sexual experience. This can not only increase mutual trust and understanding, but also enhance the fun and interaction of exploring together.

Strengthening the emotional connection

Introducing fantasy sex doll into open relationships can also enhance emotional connection and intimacy between partners to some extent. The process of deciding which silicone sex doll to buy and use together naturally leads to a deeper emotional bond. This can complement the spiritual connection that a purely sexual relationship cannot achieve.

It should be noted that the use of sex dolls also requires the permission and consent of each partner. If jealousy or discomfort occurs during the application, communicate in time and adjust. At the same time, do not rely on sex dolls too much, otherwise direct contact between people will be alienated. However, when used properly, sex dolls can actually be another way for more connection and interaction in open relationships.

In summary, in open relationships with multiple partners, sextorso have more potential applications and values. It can satisfy more open sexual needs, increase mutual trust and understanding, and also become a common source of sexual experiences and a form of interaction, which can improve the emotional connection between partners to a certain extent. Sex dolls offer more diverse and richer possibilities for future partnerships, and for open-minded people, they are worth trying and exploring.

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