Sex doll users are advised not to throw away sex dolls

Sex doll users are advised not to throw away sex dolls

Sex doll are a rare quality humanoid toy. All the life size sex doll we sell are made of medical grade TPE or silicone material. Each sexy doll features a sturdy stainless steel skeleton with flexible joints for a variety of sex positions.

Cheap-doll is also a Top Sex Doll Factory. All real sex dolls undergo extensive testing in the manufacturing facility. We can provide the best solution to any problem related to the most realistic sex dolls. If your doll becomes damaged, we will attempt to make repairs instead of discarding the sex doll.

157cm White Skin Anime Keiko Japanese Tpe Doll

How to repair a small piece of TPE doll easily with a soldering iron

Repairing a TPE sex doll is easy by following these instructions: 1. Find the cut and melt the opening with an iron tip, 2. Find an extra piece of TPE material to solder (preferably the same color), 3. Melt the solder and spread it evenly over the cut, 4. scrape a little with the tip of the soldering iron to make the surface smooth, 5. done.

A notice:

1. If you search for "solder", we can provide it for free, built-in non-artificial damage, as long as you pay the shipping cost (this is an additional service)

2. Before trying it on your love doll, we recommend you practice with additional TPE material.

Most TPE dolls can be repaired

Don't want to use a soldering iron or don't have extra material to color your doll? No problem. This is another easy way to do a repair. It can repair most small skin defects of TPE dolls. Among the many popular brands of dolls, WM dolls, OR dolls, YL dolls and other brands of dolls, dolls have exquisite craftsmanship and are human-like. Her skin was also torn. How nice would it be if the doll was repaired with a heat gun. Yes, even dolls need a surgeon.

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