Sex dolls achieve perfect concealment

Sex dolls achieve perfect concealment

Sex dolls have different designs; some are made of TPE while others, like silicone sex dolls, have detachable body parts. Therefore, depending on the type of execution, you can make them as small as possible before storage.

Once they are small and perfectly sized, you can now hide them in multiple places.

Hang in the closet

This is the preferred and most recommended option. Most anime sex doll have a detachable head, can be hung on a special insert at the neck hook provides us with what is handled in the factory and how the doll is stored so that it can prevent some parts of the body from lying flat. What happens when a doll lies in a certain position or part of the body on a hard surface for a long time, usually the buttocks and the chest are the parts that can be flattened for a long time. Ask our team if this option applies to your doll.

165cm Mexican Girl Daisy Wheat Skin Dutch Wife

under your bed

While it is obvious that there can be a place under the bed to hide sex dolls and toys, according to some customers, this is sometimes the safest place for dolls, but it may not be the best place. You may be surprised that most people spend most of their time looking for things in their closet, not under the bed.

However, you should not go straight through the doll under the bed because you think that nobody will see it. You have to have tactics. That's it.

Put your love dolls in a box. A lockable flight case is best suited for this situation. In this case it is difficult to notice.

Use stuffing - it's crazy to shove your doll under the bed. At least use some clothing pads to prevent anyone from seeing them.

Do you hide your doll in the utility room?

If you have extra space to store old household items/farming tools, you can use it for that hidden purpose as well. Few people suspect that you have hidden a beautiful full-size sex doll inside.

Although the utility room can be secure, there are some challenges. The most important of these is how to get your big butt doll into your room without anyone seeing or paying attention to you. Suppose you wrap it in your clothes and try to tuck it in. If your wife knocks or opens the door, what will you tell her?

Now the only safest place to hide a sex doll is in your bedroom and only you need to be extra careful. Every little mistake can be the most embarrassing place you uncover.

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