Sex dolls are full of irresistible charm

Sex dolls are full of irresistible charm

How about such an advanced lover love dolls? She is more than just a love doll! Isn't there a guy who has sex with a partner he loves every time? The same goes for love dolls. Let's usually put on a condom and insert it for a realistic lover feeling!

The material is TPE, which is the mainstream in the world at present. Finally, this elastomeric resin (TPE) is now the highest quality material in terms of touch closer to human skin and safety. This material has its own characteristics and when heated, it becomes softer. It is also best for sex dolls as it is harder to tear than silicone. Since it is made of body-hugging materials, it is both visually and haptically close to people and thus contributes to better masturbation pleasure. If you do, you will be happy!

It is a real sex doll that recreates a life-size woman's entire body. Full breasts, a beautiful face and a crunch in the lower body are the best, and I am satisfied, like a longing woman in my hands! Depending on the brand, you can adjust not only your height and weight, but also your face shape and skin tone. Either way, someone with a near-ideal face and body will be delighted. In addition, thanks to the metal skeleton built into the back, you can move it to the place you want, no matter what game you play. I think it would be nice if you can have fun playing all kinds of games.

157cm Wheat Color Real Touch Koko Tpe Dutch Wife

Nowadays, some people buy it to watch, change clothes and take pictures in addition to sex. The life size sex doll with a height of 165 cm has a large bust size and a large volume. For many people, women with larger breasts and hips have a better sexual experience. Yes, huge dolls touch you better, and soft breasts and buttocks allow for exciting sexual encounters. Owning a sex doll can give you a sexual experience like never before, and big breasts give you the opportunity to breastfeed. Although she's not breastfeeding.

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