Sex dolls are gradually becoming part of the family

Sex dolls are gradually becoming part of the family

Some families use bouncy castles as part of the family and use different models of clothing, makeup and hairstyles. Some male inflatable sex doll collectors believe that inflatable dolls do not have women's shortcomings, have a different temperament, do not lie, cheat and blame you. American photographer Maxon interviewed and photographed the many owners of these inflatable dolls to understand the cause of this particular slap and she found that these men, like their lovers and friends, wanted to protect their luxury sex dolls.

There are letters from readers that the man has a girlfriend and two adult daughters, but he also has five lies, real dolls. Khahan divorced more than 20 years ago and spent the next eight years married to one woman but never found the one he wanted. He bought an inflatable doll in 1998 and has lived with it ever since.

After the woman died of cancer, the man tried dating a woman only to find out that the woman he liked didn't like him. He then designed a TPE realistic sex doll to match his wife's looks, gave her a name and accompanied her.

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We also dare to say that it is also possible that women are more likely than men to buy TPE Real Dolls.

Contrary to what people think, people who live with sex dolls are satisfied with the same standard of living as regular people. No depression or other mental illnesses. Sexual objects are different from normal people because they don't affect other aspects of their lives, but medical experts don't consider it a pathological condition.

In the end, everyone is told that all humans need socialization, but that's not a bad thing, either physically or psychologically, as long as the child chooses their own path to unleash the necessary emotions.

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