Sex dolls are the new influencers

Sex dolls are the new influencers

In 2016, after reading a tabloid article about a woman who underwent plastic surgery to look like a sex doll, T, a US sex toy critic, opened an Instagram account for his synthetic partner Celestina to see if Celestina, an anime sex doll who often sports a cropped haircut, dark hair and glasses, on Instagram to garner a larger following as this sex doll wannabe. Within a few months, Celestina was successful.

Today, Celestina has over 3,000 followers and T is credited with pioneering the Instagram sex doll community, which is made up of a few hundred people." T. said, "Having a doll has had such a positive impact on my life. Others have as many as 7,000 followers for their sex dolls, many of whom seem unaware that the microspreaders they follow are what industry insiders call "synthetic women."

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The Instagram trend has its roots in a 20-year-old website called The Doll Forum, which has more than 70,000 members and a large section dedicated to sex doll photography. Using a combination of creative photography, characterful social media posts and, more recently, heavily fake videos, these doll photographers try to portray the synthetic women in their lives as organically as possible. Her goal is to bring depth and personality to her dolls so they can show other members of the community and the world what the dolls look like to them. If the owners can make some money from their search, all the better.

Atomic says "I've always been an avid photographer - just an amateur with a phone". Atomic is the human companion of a fiery red-haired doll named Alita, who often wears a cross in homage to Atomic's own "conservative Christian" values. However, these values ​​did not stop Atomic, the American doll lover, from promoting his muse”. There was just a strong urge to take pictures of Alita and that was a big incentive to get her," he says. I admit that being a photographer is attractive when you have a very attractive subject.”

Alita joined Instagram in August 2020 and has since gained nearly 900 followers. She has over 300 photos on her page doing everything from reading books to skiing to video games.

Dean Bevan, a UK doll photographer and the only person interviewed for this article to post publicly under her own name, has collected 20 dolls since 2016. Bevan, a retired nurse who raised two children, says he was inspired by the work of American artist Stacey Leigh. Leigh became famous in the 1990s for her realistic photographs of real sex dolls and a variety of non-sexual poses.” Bevan: “She took these pictures that were blurry: I couldn't tell if they were real people or dolls. ' It dawned on me and I thought, 'What if I could do that?

Bevan has few Instagram followers - his @deanabevan account has just over 450 followers - but his photography is well known in the doll world. At first glance, the 900 photos he uploads to Instagram blur the line between synthetic and organic. "I enjoy using things that were originally designed as sex toys for something completely different," explains Bevan.

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