Sex dolls compare TPE to silicone

Sex dolls compare TPE to silicone

If you deal with the topic of sex dolls, you will inevitably come across the terms “TPE” and “silicone”. In addition to their excellent properties, these two materials are also used to manufacture lifelike sex dolls, for example in the medical field. Nowadays, the quality of these materials is so high that nobody needs to buy inflatable plastic cheap sex dolls anymore. So the age of lifelike real dolls has arrived. In this article, we first discuss the pros and cons of the two main commodities.

Thermoplastic Elastomer

TPE (=thermoplastic elastomer) is a plastic that behaves similarly to classic elastomers at room temperature. However, they deform relatively easily when heated, making them ideal for pouring into molds. At room temperature, they feel like real skin, which is why they are so popular for making love dolls.

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To use:
very resilient
lower manufacturing costs
Hardly distinguishable from real skin
Is it sturdy
need more care

Silicone mainly consists of the materials silicon and oxygen. Since the material is also used in medicine and cosmetics, it is not only skin-friendly but also more environmentally friendly. Due to its chemical properties, it is well suited in the solid state for modeling faces and body parts.

To use
Faces and body parts can be modeled in more detail
more robust
Forgive more "rookie mistakes"
more expensive to buy
Harder than TPE

As you can see, both materials have their pros and cons. Here you have to ask yourself what is personally important to you as a love doll. When it comes to budget, choosing a TPE sex doll is definitely a very good choice. Cheaper to maintain and buy, but not as powerful. If you follow our cleaning tips, you can still count on a service life of almost 10 years. A silicone doll is an absolute payment model in every respect and will satisfy you accordingly. Faces and body parts, such as the vagina, can be displayed almost photo-realistically due to their nature. Cleaning is also a bit easier and the silicone is more forgiving if you make a mistake. If you can't decide and prefer a middle ground, a TPE body and silicone tip might be right for you. Basically the best of both worlds.

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