Sex dolls enter family life

Sex dolls enter family life

A love doll is a product that will be used and invested for a long time, so it is important to have a quality living doll that is not easily damaged. Proper use and care will greatly extend the life of the doll. efficient.

Once upon a time there was a man named Steve abroad. His family was happy and prosperous, but the unfortunate death of his wife brought him endless loneliness and loneliness. He wanted to buy a realistic doll but he was just as reluctant to buy a doll as his wife was to form a solid silicone doll. He said it drove him crazy, he didn't want to be lonely but he needed to focus on something else and wasn't ready for a relationship with a new woman, so he decided to buy a ready-made physical doll instead of a custom one.

He said the realistic physical puppets are helpful because his children and brothers have their own lives. Sometimes he really doesn't want any contact and conversation with the outside world, then he likes the simple and realistic sex doll of life. When he was frustrated, the puppet would listen quietly without interrupting him. In fact, he engaged in many conversations with the physical doll on a variety of topics without worrying about other unexpected reactions. He likes the feeling of snuggling and the physical doll always meets his needs.

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