Sex dolls have realistic textures just like real women

Sex dolls have realistic textures just like real women

This love doll has a slightly petite figure that makes people feel like a girl with big breasts. The collarbone and vagina details are super realistic, and the face is too cute! You can rock your hips in back, cowgirl, and missionary positions! This kid is 158 cm tall and has big breasts, so the excitement increases and the massage feels great! It can be used for a variety of purposes, from massage to fucking.

This product is perfect for those who want a full body loli love doll with big breasts. The 158 cm breast cup is like a full-grown loli junior high school student. The innocence remains, but the slightly mature face contrasts with the shiny hair. Recommended for gentlemen who like loli like middle school students!

If you are looking for a girlfriend for a mini face girl, this girl is definitely recommended! With a height of 158 cm and a slim and petite figure, it will be a love doll with wet skin and sucking, cute shape and orthodox beautiful girl face. As you can see from the pictures, the girly sex dolls are cute and can be chosen from a variety of types such as eye color, hairstyle (wig), nipple and genital type. There are many skin tones and wig patterns so you can create your own character. Sex doll has soft joints and a simple one-piece suit and is recommended for those who can organize their own cosplay and makeup.

157cm Wheat Color American Cowgirl Most Realistic Sex Doll

Recently, there are more and more exquisite sex dolls that are indistinguishable from reality, and even a lonely man without a lover can easily experience sex and coexistence. You are also welcome to take photos outside and after playing with the life size sex doll, strip down to reveal your skin. Embrace a sex doll in underwear, the female body is the best cure for men, the whole person feels very comfortable, there is a sense of relaxation, and even sleeping together is very satisfying. The quality is made of medical TPE silicone material, which reproduces the feeling of human skin, so you can enjoy the smooth and comfortable feeling of real girl's skin with a very soft touch.

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