Sex robots give people the illusion of madness

Sex robots give people the illusion of madness

The world's first free sex robot "Cardio-Bot" was released on this porn site. Like the live camera girl, Cardio-Bot can perform real-time movements (including dancing, shaking, and even electric hip dancing).

"In the last year, lifelike sex dolls have taken the world by storm." As cheap sex dolls become more popular and integrated into culture, we are offering people the opportunity to interact with them for free, and hopefully inexpensively for many.

157cm Hot Girl Robot Sex Doll

“We aim to put our XXX at the forefront of adult entertainment and sex technology innovation. So the Cardie-Bot not only mimics human behavior, but also gets hungry and dirty. And all with a quick click of a button.” (Cardie-bot) “We can make the world's first sex robot aerobic robot that people can use on the internet. It can be controlled and used worldwide to inspire people's wildest fantasies."

Cardio-bot uses machine learning to talk and swear at its users. The bot is released weekly for free. The users enter a public chat room in which they can ask the love doll for conversations or specific actions. Users can also take the bot to a private camera where it can interact "closer" with her. In the future, CamSoda hopes that the Cardie-Bot will be compatible with remote-controlled dentists, allowing users to simulate their sex in real-time.

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