SEX-SWAP woman's £60,000 looks like an inflatable sex doll

SEX-SWAP woman's £60,000 looks like an inflatable sex doll

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38-year-old Katella Dash, who was born a male, had her breasts enlarged to the staggering size of 38H. She's also had lip surgery with collagen, chin and buttock implants, and eye surgery - but wants to have more surgeries to perfect her "ultimate look". "Katella's obsession with looking like a sex doll began when she underwent gender reassignment surgery at the age of 23. Since then, she has undergone seven breast augmentations and numerous other surgeries to look even more fake.

But Catella, who lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, wants more surgeries to perfect her real doll look. The only thing stopping me from choosing size L or M right now is that no surgeon in the US will do the surgery for me," she says. “I've had surgery abroad before, so I might have to do it again.

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Her friends are worried about her health and surgeons have warned her further breast augmentations could tear her skin. But Catella, who spends three hours a day preparing, stresses: “I'm not worried about the consequences or complications. Even if it would endanger my health, I just want bigger breasts. "I like to look plastic - most people hate my extreme looks, but it motivates me to work more.

"I think I have a fascination with plastic surgery, but being over the top and extreme is normal for me. "The look I wanted was a walking realistic sex doll — as fake a person as possible."

Katella, whose boyfriend helped her fund the surgery, reveals she's craved a superfeminine look since she was a boy. When I was younger I thought a boy was too feminine - I was more feminine than most women," she says.

"The way I spoke, the way I moved my hands, the way I spoke. “I had surgery and never looked back. Now I want to create the ultimate look of hyper femininity.

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