Sexy love dolls instead of a girlfriend's fantasy

Sexy love dolls instead of a girlfriend's fantasy

These sex dolls have the characteristics of life itself and when you make these love dolls you will find that every fantasy is connected to reality. Manufacturers and craftsmen studied the market and people's perspectives, thus creating these charming companions based on research. According to the friend's preference, the doll's figure is slim or curved, and the cup size ranges from simple cup A to large cup N. The whole experience corresponds to as many areolas as possible, that is, real lips and anus. Don't forget that the lifelike big boobs sex doll is supported by a metal skeleton, which gives her a balanced, balanced and elegant life. The material is made of TPE or silicone and looks like meat.

170cm Big Tits Arianne Maid Skin Soft Juicy Sexy Doll

Many of these real dolls can customize their face and head to facilitate your fantasies. On the other hand, the choice of custom seams is obviously infinite, because hair, eye color, vagina, even areola, lips, etc. have different styles, and their styles and types are different. The same mods also include the ability to shrug shoulders, ball-jointed wrists, and standing feet. Both allow for more poses to add a realistic erotic touch to the whole experience.

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