Share stories of people who bought sex dolls for the first time

Share stories of people who bought sex dolls for the first time

Everyone who has ever bought a sex doll has probably asked themselves this question. What if the doll comes to my house and I don't like it at all? Many sex doll dealers in Germany categorically exclude returns or exchanges. This is usually due to the fact that so-called hygiene items are exempt from the 14-day right of withdrawal. Sometimes the terms and conditions of such dealers also state that personal and custom-made sex dolls are excluded from the right of exchange or cancellation, and there is really nothing wrong with that.

We were invited, and a return visit to the doll's old customers opened up a new world for us. On arrival we parked in front of a two story building where he lives upstairs. The ground floor of the building is made of stone, the upper floor is made of wood and a wooden roof. He picked me up and led me upstairs to his living area, which had a kitchenette, a table with two chairs, a sofa, and a computer.

As he poured us two glasses of mead, I asked him about himself and his community. He explained that he is part of an ancient group of people who live in harmony with nature, both mentally and physically, while using basic technologies to improve their quality of life. For thousands of years their race went undiscovered because they had assimilated into the rest of society and lived in perfect peace with the rest of the world. Only those who are invited to their land can learn about their true heritage and rituals.

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It has views of the Bay Area and landmarks and a wardrobe that would put any boutique clothing store to shame. Thanks. Honestly, this doll is the best dressed and most widely used adult cheap sex dolls ever made. Also, as far as I know, the only sex doll in the world that consistently photographs outdoors in public.

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