Should I shower after sex?

Should I shower after sex?

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The human body is capable of releasing various bodily fluids during sex. These bodily fluids dry up and become odorous, and certain parts of the body become too sticky.

It's a good idea to shower after sex to wash off your cock and balls after a long period of sex.

I usually take a shower after having sex with my realistic female mini sex doll. I don't find that unusual at all. You've just spent a lot of time doing physical activity, you're drenched in sweat, you smell like sex, and you probably have semen covering various parts of your body.

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Clean the doll's vagina

Open the doll's labia and wash them inside to make sure no sexually transmitted diseases have been transmitted while fucking each other if this is the hole you entered. She should clean the area even if you didn't get into her.

Washing the sweat and body fluids off your body after sex makes you feel better because it's good basic hygiene.

It's nice to wash off all the sweat, wash each other's backs and enjoy some more of the remaining pleasure in each other's bodies in an intimate and loving way. Let that feeling last as long as possible, and then retreat to a place where you can be together. You will need to sleep when the day ends.

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