Should You Buy a 125cm Small Sex Doll?

Should You Buy a 125cm Small Sex Doll?

Let's examine the pros and cons of a Small Sex Doll.

Should You Buy a 125cm small sex doll? We often hear the question “should I buy a 125cm sex doll?” or “where can I buy a mini sex doll?” from people who want to buy their first sex doll. That is completely understandable. Mini sex dolls (typically 125cm and under) are smaller, cheaper, lighter and easier to hide than full size sex dolls. But is that always better?

Aryana-160cm Small Flat Breasts Silicone Head Love Doll


+Cheaper: Sex dolls are very expensive, they cost from $1000 to $2000. However, mini sex dolls are often much cheaper (usually less than $1000), so you can try or own several without spending a fortune.

Lighter: Sex dolls are very heavy due to the thick layers of TPE or silicone material and metal skeleton inside. Mini puppets are lighter, making them easier to handle, manipulate, and lift. They don't hurt your back!

Easier to Hide: Many people are unsettled when others find their silicone sex doll. The smaller the doll, the easier it is to hide and store and the less space it takes up.

Easier to Maintain: Due to their smaller size, mini dolls are also easier to clean and maintain. Smaller dolls will save you a lot of grooming time.


Unrealistic Faces - Miniature sex dolls often have unrealistic cartoon/anime faces. Some also tend to look too young. Finding a realistic face on a miniature doll can be difficult.

Unrealistic Size – This is probably the biggest con of owning a miniature sex doll. Regardless, the small size will always remind you that your doll is just a doll (or toy). It's much more difficult to fully engage in sex or cuddling if the doll isn't the same size as a real human.

Limited Emotional Support – One of the reasons people buy sex dolls is for a sense of companionship. Due to their small size, mini dolls will always look and feel like toys. As such, unless you have a good imagination, love dolls are unlikely to provide emotional support or a sense of connection.

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