Shower your doll - step by step

Shower your doll - step by step

If you read my step by step guide on how I shower your doll, you may remember that I said there is a difference between them when it comes to showering. The big difference is the standing foot option. Your doll doesn't have one, so she had to sit up and lie down in the shower. Doll has her feet on the ground - and she's not afraid to use them. So this is it.

First, I prepare the shower with this piece of polystyrene that I also used for your doll. This is how the doll can stand on it with all its weight hanging over it. All its weight is concentrated on these metal bolts. They can and will leave marks in your floor mat. If you hold it directly in a bathtub, you can be sure that it will be scratched by the bolts.

Other than that, I put a folded blanket on the wall behind her to provide a soft surface for her to lean on. You won't be able to use this method unless you lean your doll against the wall. The sex doll aren't too firm when standing up - and since you're going to be rubbing your hands on her, she'll fall over, unless you constantly hold her with one hand and scrub the soap with the other. It wouldn't be practical.

Notice how I use the window to hold the cover. You can't have the same layout in your shower, so you don't use a cover or find another solution that works for you.

I make sure she's on her feet and doesn't topple over as soon as I let her go. Notice how her legs are a little apart, I spread them like this before picking her up and carrying her into the shower. Because when she's standing there, it's very difficult, if not impossible, to spread them safely. She needs her legs spread like that, to facilitate access to her vaginal and anal cavities for washing.

Just like with other adult dolls, I avoid getting water in the doll's neck area, as it can get inside her skeleton and cause rust on the metal skeleton. I wash her from the neck down to her feet, starting at the top. Usually, I empty her last vaginal and anal cavities. To wash the bottom, which is currently leaning against the blanket behind her - I stand directly in front of her and gently bend her forward, so that she is pressed against my chest. That way I can reach in and wash and rinse my butt.

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When I'm done, I dry her off carefully with a towel before taking her back to bed. I put my sheet on top of the bed before putting it there.

Now I use the kitchen paper towels to dry her vaginal and anal cavities, just like with other dolls. I roll it into sausages which I push into it to absorb the water residue. The difference here is that the doll has the vagina inserted, which means there's a lot more room in there. A rolled sausage isn't the best form of paper to stick in there, so instead I tear some paper and stuff it, while also putting most of my hand into it. However, her anal cavity needs a sausage-shaped piece of paper.

Now it's time for baby oil. This is by far the best part of the dolls shower. Basically, you rub the oil all over your body, making it slippery and very pleasant to touch. Her vaginal and anal cavities also need oil.

To be able to reach his back and ass, just sit him down.

Next, it's time for the Vaseline treatment. The doll is not meant to be rubbed all over her body, only high stress areas. Inside the vaginal and anal cavities as well as around them outside. Be sure to rub it, in the creases where his torso ends and his legs begin. Also at the back of her, where her ass ends and her thighs begin, there should be a similar crease there.

After rubbing in Vaseline, I always leave it lying like that overnight. The next day, I use baby powder all over her body, except in the vaginal and anal cavities. I also avoid putting powder on her head, as it only makes her head slippery, so the wig falls off more easily. Cornstarch can also be used instead of baby powder. This is the end result.

I shower her once a month. Doubling your TPE doll 1-2 per month is recommended. Oil and Vaseline should only be applied once a month. You can powder your doll as often as you want, you can't overdo it. The powder makes the skin smoother, rather than sticky.

Shower Alice is basically the same as other dolls' shower, only it's much smaller and easier to handle. So, making a step-by-step guide on the Alice shower would be pointless. I hope you enjoyed this photo guide. Thanks for the reading!

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