Silicone doll sounds through the sensor

Silicone doll sounds through the sensor

Over the past two years, the sex doll industry has made tremendous progress in realistic situations, and the price of these life size sex doll applies to all types of budgets. Welcomed by more and more countries in the world, silicone dolls for adults are no longer taboo, their real price and appearance can conquer all players' desires.

The sound of the doll can be changed by touching the sensor in the stylish doll. The first characteristics of sex robots will be their ability to feel touched. This feature will also appear in sex dolls. The sex dolls will be equipped with a subcutaneous nervous system and will feel a person's touch.

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The touch sensor detects when you touch her vagina and sucks on her nipples. There will be a loud noise and buzzing from the doll, or her vagina may heat up and lubricate. It will add a more enjoyable experience for you. Sex dolls will have sensors in their vagina and anus: when you engage in sexual activity and penetrate her, the doll will scream, squeal and make noise. The noise level of the doll will be based on the strength and speed of the penetrating force, which makes it more realistic to have sex with the doll.

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