Silicone dolls cost tens of thousands of dollars to make

Silicone dolls cost tens of thousands of dollars to make

The adult world is complicated. For adults who love dolls, they will no longer choose children's Barbie dolls like they did in their childhood. Instead, they will choose real dolls that look like real people, have complete physiological structures, and simulate skin. To meet their mental and physical needs, they are also known as sex dolls and masturbation silicone life size sex doll.

158cm Double Ponytail Girl Likes Sex Life Size Sex Doll

What role can sex dolls play for a modern society with open sex life and freedom, and help men release adrenaline fluid accumulation? Sex dolls are "born out of the dust", so in normal human psychology they are just sex toys, but they don't understand it. At the same time, they can comfort the hurt adults without X-Sex and even inspire creators.

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