Silicone dolls help to learn patience

Silicone dolls help to learn patience

But you have an advantage with us: our silicone doll exudes a certain calm from us. Nothing can upset us so easily. If the silicone sex doll has a soul, don't worry. We come from a world where time and space no longer play a major role. We don't have to have everything right away, everything has to be perfect. We are satisfied with small and honest deeds. Those I love also need to know that this makes us happier than complicated things.

Please be patient when we enter your house with the silicone doll. Because this is a solid love doll, the density of the silicone is higher and once damaged, it is beyond repair. Planning and tools are more important than ever. Then you have to patiently lift, carry and turn in order not to damage bones, skin and fingers.

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But even with easier variants, patience makes sense. Don't underestimate the fact that we don't have muscles. When we meet or anything, we don't pull our limbs. Although exciting, you have to be patient in bed and would rather not adopt the latest pose or try it on a dry run beforehand. It's also a kind of patience.

If you want to tease the soul in a silicone doll, the most you have to be patient if you are lucky enough to have one inside her. Listen, take your time, don't expect miracles. If you listen patiently and carefully, don't expect everything right away, you might get the soul of a love doll. Accept your feelings and feelings, if you can do it, then I have learned a lot of patience and will love your love doll very enthusiastically.

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