Silicone sex doll is considered by men as a girlfriend, close and attentive

Silicone sex doll is considered by men as a girlfriend, close and attentive

Man holds silicone sex doll as girlfriend on date.
A message and some pictures have spread like a virus to the local WeChat group and friends circle in Shanglin, Guangxi! A young handsome man is holding a silicone sex doll A young and handsome man is holding a silicone realistic sex doll as his “girlfriend” to go to an internet cafe, watch a movie and have a coffee – a romantic “date ' that explodes across the city!

The man also bought a drink for his "girlfriend".

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The man is said to have gone to the cinema with his "girlfriend" and later to a café. It's a breathtaking series of actions that will blow your mind and body cells away!
Actually, this is nothing new... hasn't there been a marriage with a silicone sex doll before? It's just that if you can buy her a drink, aren't you afraid she'll catch a cold if you don't wear clothes when you go out?

Despite the odd looks he received from many passers-by, the man was determined to finish his "date" with his girlfriend - a brave act that no one could wish for. Maybe every silicone sex doll in this lonely and empty environment has an unusual story to tell, how about this man's story?

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