Silicone sex doll sales have exploded, why?

Silicone sex doll sales have exploded, why?

Silicone Sex Doll The explosion in sales is partly due to consumers becoming less conservative in their attitudes towards sex.

This made it easier to purchase silicone sex doll, leading to a boom in the industry for this accessory. The proliferation of promotional photos of celebrities selling lines of sex toys also encouraged consumers. Increasingly, celebrities are showing an obsession with vaginas. For example, they advertise the benefits of jade balls. They also appreciate regular vaginal scents and sexy home scents. Vagina-inspired candles and vibrators from Health and Lifestyle brands.

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Recently, some celebrities like Cara Delevingne, actress Dakota Johnson and singer-songwriter Lily Allen have decided to launch their own brands of vibrators. The result is that the taboo subject of sex has become a mainstream issue.

The massive spread of sexual attitudes on social media, television, and literature is believed to be one of the reasons behind the rise in sex doll sales.

The design and technology of these products have exploded

It goes without saying that advancements in the design and technology of sex doll toys have contributed to the increase in sales of these items. The current erotic toys are indeed of high quality and are characterized by beautiful designs and soft materials.

Sexual health brands are taking advantage of the situation

With so much interest, sexual health brands have decided to highlight the benefits of sex. They're using the growing body of ideas about sex to redefine the perception of cheap sex dolls.

Therefore, they employ a special marketing strategy to attract consumers to these tools.

This means that the brands show very concretely how much sex and masturbation can help to overcome fear and insecurity. They also promote the physical benefits of sex and masturbation. Rather, they strengthen the immune system and increase well-being.

Additionally, a recent report by Woodstone Research and Consulting shows that the global doll market will reach $46.6 billion by 2025. The report also shows that sales will increase by 11.1% annually.

In other words, the Asia-Pacific region is likely to play an important role in the growth of this market in the future. However, Europe currently holds the largest share of the global toy market.

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