Technological innovations in sex dolls extend the lifespan

Technological innovations in sex dolls extend the lifespan

Many people wonder how long do dolls last, a good question, as an expert in the field of sex doll, I am here to answer this question for your comrades.

1. The useful life of the doll depends on the person using the doll. Dolls can last longer if they are well cared for after use. For example, do not wear dark clothes, do not touch the doll with sharp objects, wash with warm water after use, and apply talcum powder. Do not decompress and store with heavy objects to make the sex doll life longer.

2. The usage time of the doll also depends on the material of the doll. Silicone dolls can be used for about 5-10 years. TPE dolls can be used for about 1-5 years.
Silicone dolls are more difficult to use and not as comfortable as TPE dolls. TPE sex dolls are softer than silicone dolls. Of course, there are more expensive soft silicone materials that are softer to the touch.

What is to know is that new technologies are being developed that could give our sex dolls industry a more practical way to offer such revolutionary features to our real love dolls. The "robot vagina" is created from 3D computer models based on medical scans of real objects to provide a better "user experience" for robotic sex.

Jayde-mid Chest 138cm Adult Doll

Currently we only offer Robot Vagina as a paid add-on to our top line AI Dolls. At the moment we are just working on an idea to provide this functionality for our customizable traditional sex dolls. If you are interested in this feature and planning to make a sex robot or your own sex doll, please feel free to contact us.

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