The Easiest Cleaning Procedures and Tips for Sex Doll Wigs!

The Easiest Cleaning Procedures and Tips for Sex Doll Wigs!

We all admit that managing these beautiful and soft sex doll wigs is not a piece of cake. Which shampoo is used? Should we use conditioner to straighten hair? Should I untie the wig before cleaning? Whenever you come across a dirty sex doll wig and think about cleaning it, these are the questions most of us want to know. To be fair, cleaning wigs is a complex task, especially if you are not equipped with the right tools and information. How can we simplify things for you? Today we are going to give you a set of useful instructions and some extra tips to help you clean love doll wig like a pro.

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To be fair, once you know the right trick, cleaning a realistic sex doll wig is not a challenge. However, treating it as a mundane task and proceeding without heeding any formal suggestions or directions is not the right way to deal with it. At least not in this case. If the cleaning is done urgently, the wig may be seriously damaged. Therefore, it is best to follow these simple steps:

Detach the sex doll wig

Unless you want to completely destroy the wig, you can't just put the fake under the running tap. The first step is to loosen the hair. Yes, we know this isn't a stimulating job that triggers ADHD, but it is for your doll. It is natural for the hair to get tangled and become a mess. Before rinsing the wig, you need to fix it first. After that, rinsing is safe. As we said before, don't just throw the wig under the tap. We recommend that you dip the wig slowly and soak it in warm water for at least an hour. This will remove dust particles and other foreign matter on the wig.

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Use shampoo and conditioner

This is where we begin the actual cleaning. Contrary to the floating idea that you have to use expensive shampoos, you can use whatever shampoo you see fit. The same goes for conditioners. Extravagance and waste are absolutely not required. Just choose the ones you usually use. Next, wash the wig gently but thoroughly. You can use conditioner to make your wig smooth and beautiful, but this is not a necessity, it is a preference.

Rinse and dry the doll wig

Simply pin the wig in place with your shampoo and rinse with warm water. Make sure you wash off all the shampoo before giving the rinse liquid a break. Let's say it again, be gentle. Finally, choose the towel you like and gently squeeze the excess water without breaking it. Next, let the wig dry. You can use a hair dryer to complete the transaction. After that, please stop the joyful dance as the wig cleaning work is finally completed.

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