The existence of the ocean doll to the courier?

The existence of the ocean doll to the courier?

Realistic love doll is the best and most important partner in life.
For many people, sexual sex dolls are just a sexual toy that fulfills the unique fantasy, but for some people, realistic sex doll are life's best and most important partner. All this allows the brand to take care of those who have to live alone.

To show you a funny doll, the real sex doll is a real flat crustless doll with a delicate curve and realistic love, cup breasts, slim doll.

In Germany, traditional users of sexual real dolls are lonely single men, they live together with lifelike dolls for various reasons. Inevitable, buying dolls is privacy and faster, so how to hide the courier?

1. You can tell the courier that the model needs to take pictures of the model on the photographer, buy the love doll as a model, love the doll. Very realistic, just like models, buy a photo, only use it once, use it several times, right?

157cm TPE Silicone Life-Size Solid Love Dolls

2, also said that they are engaged in body art, this love doll can also help you create your own real body, help us create inspiration?

3, give your single friend the program, you can disappear into a courier, this is to help you buy or deliver the goods around you.

4, you can say that you are an owner, of course, this is not sold, it is sending the factory to check what is this time.

Big data shows that the number of toys being bought is increasing. You may wish to purchase a true love doll from the courier across the street. It's correct.

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