The History of Love Dolls (Realistic Doll) - Where Do They Come From?

The History of Love Dolls (Realistic Doll) - Where Do They Come From?

1700s - Dutch sailors invented silicone dolls as long-distance travel companions across the world's oceans. These early dolls were made of clothing.

The Dutch sold dolls to the Japanese, which is why sex dolls are still called "Dutch women" today.

1930s - Nazi Germany began its first production of disposable dolls during World War II

1950s - The first living sex doll was made in Japan. The doll is made of fabric, vinyl or silicone. Silicon is considered an excellent high-end material which was quite rare at the time.

1992 - The appearance of love dolls has improved significantly. Two Japanese brands dominate the American market. Both companies produce silicone dolls for their respective markets.

2000 - 2008 - The birth of the Internet makes it easier to buy lifelike dolls online - demand from Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand increases because customers can now buy dolls at United States and Japan.

2010 - The first brand of Chinese dolls is produced and sold. Due to its joint venture with Japan, it was very successful in a short time.

2005-2013 - A few European brands emerge, mainly in Germany and France. All of the people, including the American and Japanese brands, are high-end sex doll that cost over $8,000.

153cm Wheat Skin Fat Tpe Dutch Wife

2014 - China faces a huge problem - insufficient supply of women. China's first-generation child-friendly policy created a huge gender imbalance problem. Young people in their twenties are having a hard time finding a wife and creating a huge demand for sex dolls.

2014 - The economic law of the supply-demand relationship took effect. The increase in the number of Chinese manufacturers is mainly due to their good production capabilities.

The new sex doll is a pioneer in the introduction of TPE, it can produce and sell dolls, which is not only cheaper but also more realistic than ever.

2015 - The success of new dolls is increasing, and other Chinese manufacturers are also increasing. The growth of Chinese manufacturers tells us a story, but the prices of products are mostly beyond the financial resources of interested customers. The demand for European dolls declined further and many European doll manufacturers closed their doors.

2016 - People developed a new type of odorless and four times less greasy TPE material. It also offers longer life than existing standard TPE materials. Even better, the TPE material is also more realistic in terms of body shape and offers more detail - for example, the vagina mold was created after a real female vagina mold!

2016 - Dolls made by famous brands become new. They invented and created realistic dolls equipped with artificial intelligence. However, the technology is still very new and the price of these dolls exceeds $5,000.

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