The history of the development of authentic dolls

The history of the development of authentic dolls

More and more petite doll stories are being reported on internet blogs and, surprisingly, have spread all over the world. Under such social pressure today, the end of a good marriage seems to be accustomed to. Give silicone dolls greater opportunities to find their own happiness.

It all started centuries ago, when dolls were no longer limited to children's toys (Barbie dolls). Soldiers in a hostile environment in the depths received the first "Dutch bride" This cloth doll was successfully used for sex. It was impossible to imagine the strong sexual desire of soldiers at that time.

Later, in the recent modern era, the emergence of inflatable small sex doll has been replaced. The weight of this doll is very light, and the whole body rests on the gas balloon body. The main raw material is plastic. We all know that plastics actually have a strong irritating smell, but after continuous processing and processing, silicone dolls will finally be favored by many fans. Its cost is very low.

158cm Big Breasted Wheat Skin-Lina

Today, the era of inflatable dolls will also be eliminated. Instead of a silicone doll. Whether it's material or effect has been a big change. Due to the continuous progress of modern science and technology, we have created good conditions. Even more eye-catching is that its cost is very high. To buy a luxury silicone sex doll requires paying a lot of money.

Surprisingly, we also focus on recommending TPE dolls that are found and quickly occupy certain markets around the world. Compared with silicone dolls, it is more flexible and elastic, and more importantly, it is very cheap.

Two different styles of raw materials make different petite dolls. What can be considered are the thoughts and feelings of each user. If the doll is just a sex object, the TPE silicone doll may be more suitable to satisfy your sexual desire. Combining the conditions of all aspects of TPE has a greater advantage, suitable for more enthusiasts. Compared to the price of days due to traditional silicone dolls, many doll users are far behind. Each of these two different forms has its own ideas.

Are you also planning to buy a doll to enjoy a richer and more intense life?

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