The latest information: about the characteristics of the split silicone doll

The latest information: about the characteristics of the split silicone doll

The split silicone dolls, whose head and vagina are removable, provide users with more choices in size and shape.

The doll's head has a variety of shapes and appearances which are expertly hand finished. Her eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips, and ears are all based on strict data sculpts. Hair styles and colors are optional in many styles. Different styles will give you different feeling and beauty depending on your choice details and girlfriend doll settings.

The eyes are divided into three styles: black, green and blue. The eye is the body's most important organ for receiving information, so which eye do you think is brighter and more attractive?

The body also has a variety of colors and styles. The three styles of skin tones are white, Asian and brown. The length of the standard size of the trunk, hands and feet is also designed according to the length of the actual woman. Big plump breasts, velvety skin, conflict with your visual nerve, lifelike dolls can make you more really nice.

138cm Brazilian Mania Real Vagina Life Size Sex Doll

Our girlfriend mini sex doll vagina is mainly divided into two shapes: one-piece and split. The integral type is a fixed size and is professionally designed by experts. There are different types of splits, and different sizes and appearances can be selected according to your needs and preferences. Make the most of your inspiration and imagination and design a perfect silicone doll.

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