The latest love dolls that feel real

The latest love dolls that feel real

This kid looks like a girlish love doll. He has the calm and gentleness that young women don't have. The figure is really comfortable to hold, and the feeling of satisfaction is not a hump! Not only can you enjoy vaginal and anal sex, but you can also enjoy oral sex, so being able to enjoy beautiful breasts while inserting them in your mouth is something very special! Dare you to put on a bra, put on a shirt and do a fucking blowjob while wearing it! I am so happy to see such a process!

There is a rosy feeling in the pink and tender skin, an unobtrusive face and a perfect figure, making people irresistible! Even small blemishes and wrinkles on the skin are beautifully reproduced, and it is recommended for those looking for realism! Such a figure is not clothing or underwear that exposes the skin, but wearing a high-necked sleeveless knitted material is very erotic! Lift it up and rub your boobs out from under your clothes as you step back! I'm so excited because apparently I had illicit sex with my wife! A sex doll where you can fully enjoy blowjob and sex with a real mature woman, you cannot taste this type of sex doll with an excellent style!

Evaline 165cm Leopard Print Sexy Lover Silicone Real Doll

If you add optional body makeup, it's a real girl! Because it's made of silicone, it not only looks as real as it feels, but feels as real as can be. No smell or stickiness typical of cheap dolls. Insertion is for the vagina and anus only, but has an excellent tightening effect that ensures a lift in minutes! The price is a bit high but the durability is excellent and the value for money is excellent. The newest lover sex doll who can enjoy blue fruits and forbidden games! Every time you move, the tits pull, and the upper female position is also very delicate from the bottom up. Let's work hard with the busty beautiful girl! The pose is very natural as each joint contains a new EVO skeleton.

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