The lifespan of the doll is determined by human factors

The lifespan of the doll is determined by human factors

Dolls mean a lot to many people and hold an important place in their hearts because they bring so many different colors into their lives. So, before owning, protecting and relying on love dolls, they want to know what to expect from sex doll life expectancy.

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The material of the doll itself, frequency of use, use and maintenance, and proper storage are factors to consider. The more you use the silicone doll, the more it wears out and the shorter its lifespan. However, for dolls that are used regularly, this wear and tear effect can be mitigated with proper care and maintenance, especially when it comes to hydration and cleaning. Careful handling of the sex doll is also important, rough handling can cause dents, breaks or even chips, which will definitely shorten the doll's lifespan. The rougher the treatment, the less time it stays in good shape. Ideally, store doll in a cool, dry place, lay flat or use a doll hanging kit; Extreme temperature and humidity changes are major factors in shortening the doll's lifespan.

Because a doll is a product that will be used and invested for a long time, it is important to have a quality living doll that is not easily damaged. Proper use and care will greatly extend the life of the doll. efficient.

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